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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Destructors- Ragnarok 12.12.12 CD review

The Destructors- Ragnarok 12.12.12 CD review
Compared to the previous releases I’ve received from these guys, this stellar.  This has a mixed Oi!/UK 82 sound that surprised me quite a bit- they do a couple of pretty good covers of the Exploited “Dead Cities” and Discharge’s “The Final Bloodbath”, albeit with a clearer, less cacophonous singing style.  Though I am not into the singing style the band usually employs, this is a modernized version of UK 82 bands, and it’s done very well.  Even the slower songs are pretty good most of the time.  The topics are still very political, one thing that’s never changed about the band in my time of being aware of them (and one thing I have mad respect for them on).  No songs that were notably bad, and the best song was the “War of the Worlds” jam; definitely above average.  If nothing else, I have a few tracks I’d certainly recommend off this record.
-Aunty Social

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