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Friday, November 29, 2013

One By One- 2012 demo tape review

One By One- 2012 demo tape review
A one-man project by Ghoul Gang proponent Nick Kucway (Face Reality, Retribution, Freedom, Left of the Dial, Deathskin Razors, etc.), this is classic youth crew incarnate.  Badass hand-drawn artwork, fast tunes, quick jams, and simple songs; not a bad mix, though the audio mix at times could be better (louder vocals would be A-OK).  Still, it’s a sample of the Ghoul Gang’s musical output that seems to be able to do no wrong.  The sound is modern, but unconsciously so- it’s familiar as can be, but it doesn’t sound like it’s trying to be something, it merely ‘is’.  Also, this project has a song coming out on a Lost Time Records compilation that will also feature Freedom, True Love, Retribution, and From Hell.  Though largely a project based on the Ghoul Gang and friends, the sound fits in nicely.  A good demo.
-Aunty Social

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