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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Kalashnikovs- Dead to Rights CD review

The Kalashnikovs- Dead to Rights CD review
A mix of the blunt left-wing anarcho punk of Crass and Conflict and the skate punk vibe of JFA, Circle Jerks, and the U.S. Bombs, this is political punk rock incarnate.  Though very left-wing in its foundation, it is born more of a pro-union, working class, and less of an academic perspective that a lot of politicized punk rock comes from.  The music is usually pretty decent- the mix is good, the vocals raspy and angry, the guitar plodding away at chords at an accelerated pace, and the bass and drums following with.  A couple of songs do stick out, but most are not great in their flow of words, so they fall on overworked ears and are not too memorable.  However, given that the words are granted greater importance, that is what one ought to pay more attention to.  More of a musical vehicle for a philosophical idea- not bad for such a thing.  Worth the listen, but might be better as a four to six song EP rather than a full-length CD.
-Aunty Social

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