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Friday, November 29, 2013

React- Drown 7” review

React- Drown 7” review
A simplistic, albeit enjoyable band in a multitude of ways, React proudly waves the flag of Toledo hardcore, though they are no doubt regulars to the Michigan scene as well.  This brand of hardcore has much in common with the likes of Integrity, late-era Negative Approach (they even cover ‘Evacuate’ on the record), Best Wishes-era Cro-Mags, early 90s-era Agnostic Front, and Sick of It All.  In short, it’s hardcore infused with a heavy, metallic sound, but not quite under the umbrella of metalcore.  The vocals heave the heaviest sense of this sound, a raspy banshee who continues to growl with desperate fervor, though the guitar’s deep, heavy tone is another factor in this sound.  The drums, meanwhile, convey the sound of a punk band on speed more than anything else.  The album art is simple, but as one knows, simple is not always easy- however, I’ve not found a deeper meaning to it.  Not a bad EP.
-Aunty Social

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