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Friday, November 29, 2013

Game Ender- Meddling With the Course of the World EP review

Game Ender- Meddling With the Course of the World EP review
This sounds like a melodic hardcore band with a sort of skramz-y hardcore singer- very raspy and introverted, guitar driven sound, a punk-influenced drum beat, and a bass layered in to the guitar sound.  This is definitely an odd combination for a hardcore band, but it’s not without its value- this takes more influence from the likes of Trial, Bane, and other introspective 90s hardcore that emphasizes more melody than rhythmic thumping of traditional hardcore bands.  Very political, or at least with an importance placed on the lyrics that is often unimportant with other bands.  Mix the likes of these bands with ones like Shai Hulud and you’ve got an idea of what Game Ender sounds like.  I didn’t dig it too much, but I’m also not the target audience for this sort of style- my music is full of hate and negativity, this band full of kindness and positivity.  A simple difference that often goes unresolved for a positive connection.  Oh well.
-Aunty Social

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