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Friday, November 29, 2013

Spine- Subhuman 7" review

Spine- Subhuman 7” review
Gruff, tough hardcore with an attached powerviolence influence.  Not as angry and dark-sounding as Weekend Nachos (Spine’s drummer is Weekend Nachos’ singer), yet angrier than singer Antonio’s last band Sorry Excuse, and no less hard hitting than the former, this is a rapid-fire record, over with in six minutes total.  The vocals are rough, almost like a pitbull- the words are difficult to discern, but not impossible.  The drums are spot on, able to go on and off on a whim without losing a bit of touch to accuracy, seemingly always rolling at some sort of speed.  The guitar and bass, though not the driving force of the songs, chug and carry their own weight, distinct but inseparable from the barks and the beats.  Hardcore dancing, circle pitting, moshing, or salsa-dancing, this is jaw-breaking hardcore that never lets up on the energy.  And from the looks of the singer, you just might get your jaw broken.  However, the EP is a safe investment for bedroom moshings, and is highly recommended.
-Aunty Social

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