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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Destructors/Ziplock- Pax Romanus split CD review

The Destructors/Ziplock- Pax Romanus split CD review
The Destructors side of this CD is modern-sounding Oi! with a left-leaning political stance.  The cover of Peter & the Test Tube Babies is notable, though it does seem to be a bit simplistic for the usually complex Destructors.  The vocals don’t do it much for me (it seems far too steeped in the sort of Dropkick Murphys style of Oi!), but the lyrics are intelligent, and the music, especially this time, is pretty good.  If the vocals could be a bit more gruff and grunty, I’d really dig this more than I do.  Still, a very worthy offering.  As for Ziplock, even though the name kind of annoys me, these songs too, are pretty good.  Gritty, heels-dug-in, ready to fight punk rock that could easily be hardcore or Oi!, but is neither.  These songs have some substance to them, no doubt.  I feel like their last song could have been a bit more urgent than it was, but no complaints otherwise.  Definitely the best thing I’ve received from the Destructors yet.
-Aunty Social

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