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Friday, November 29, 2013

Adjustment To Society- Midwest tour promo 2013 tape review

Adjustment To Society- Midwest tour promo 2013 tape review
This is some of the most gnarly 6-7 minutes of hardcore punk I’ve heard yet- fast, shrill, energetic, angry, yet thoughtful and intriguing of the same time.  The lyrics are some of the most brilliant and well-balanced I’ve read since I began listening to punk.  It rhymes AND it conveys the frustrations of trying to mingle in a society generally unforgiving of differences.  Wonderful!  The music is straight out of the 80s- shrill, slightly snotty, fast, low-fi, fist-to-your-face hardcore punk in its most classic manner.  These are close friends of fellow Washington band the Hysterics, of whom they sound very similar to.  There is little else I can say about this tape other than GET IT, NOW.
-Aunty Social

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