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Friday, November 29, 2013

Dismantle- Complaints EP review

Dismantle- Complaints EP review
Taking the negative vibe of modern hardcore and the lyrical subjects of old school hardcore, and mixing the sounds of both, this group is definitely caught in the middle between the sound types and eras.  The vibe is good, the songs are driven, sound slick, and is memorable if nothing else for the repeated parts with gang vocals (All I Am and All I’m Not, Heavy Hands Heavy Head).  Lyrical prowess varies, but is largely relatable- internal struggles, anti-humanity, anti-religion, and general frustrations with society and life; it works for what it is.  The singer’s voice is a bad shrill at times and it’s an occasional distraction, but it doesn’t interfere with the overall presentation of the music.  Another solid Toledo-area hardcore band; enjoyable, even though I’ve heard better- it’s good for what it is and doesn’t worship the ground modern bands walk on.
-Aunty Social

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