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Friday, November 29, 2013

Lost Track/xPortraitx- s/t EP review

Lost Track/xPortraitx- s/t EP review
This seems to be a sonic blend of modern day hardcore and 2000s metalcore/crossover, and vocally, and it’s a mix of screechy emotional hardcore and the softer side of this aforementioned metalcore.  The music is definitely some kind of hardcore, and it’s alright; it’s got some teeth, some speed, some energy to it.  The vocals, however, are a completely different story.  The asymmetric patterns of the lyrics are interesting, but ultimately make the music harder to remember at times.  The vocals are… odd.  It seems like the vocalist is a normally low-pitched person trying to sing a higher-pitched tone, and it comes off as REALLY FUCKING SCREECHY.  It’s almost reminiscent of the music I used to poke fun at in the Punkcore days of mohawks, studs and spikes, and a complete lack of understanding old Oi! music.  I feel like a lower-pitched tone of voice might seem less like nails on a chalkboard and more of a fitting sound for the band.  Music:  Alright.  Vocals:  Need work/to be reworked.  Let’s see what else they can do for the future- there’s potential here, but it’s a few steps away.
-Aunty Social

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