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Friday, November 29, 2013

No Class Assassins- The No Class EP review

No Class Assassins- The No Class EP review
Death and thrash metal and some lesser senses of heavy metallic hardcore make up the blend that is No Class Assassins.  The first three tracks are faster songs, and strangely enough, I did not enjoy them nearly as much as I did the slower, sludgier tracks, the last two.  There are two vocal styles used here:  Gargling cat, and deepthroating chain smoker.  I prefer the former, as I can actually understand some of what’s being sung, and the lyrics make such a thing important, as they interest me in this circumstance.  The simplistic, clean, but not too clean production is something to be appreciated here.  Moreso for the metalhead than the hardcore kid, but it makes the head bang a little in either case.
-Aunty Social

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