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Friday, November 29, 2013

Brain F≠- Empty Set sampler review

Brain F- Empty Set sampler review
These songs are brand spankin’ new tracks from the always fantastic Brain F.  There are two different sounds that the band has- both unique to the band, but very separate and heterogeneous from one another.  There is the sound that the band has on their EPs, a guitar-heavy sound with dual vocals  and less produced sort of sound (not that the band is an overproduced one, mind you) and a more urgent, youthful vibe.  The second of these sounds is the one that the band has on their “Sleep Rough” LP, and this sound is more professional, produced, adult, though no less captivating and intriguing than the former sound.  “Dry”, “Sicks”, and “Sailor Swim” all have the sound of the EPs, while “Don’t Tell Me” is the latter, more LP-esque sound.  So much goes on in a Brain F song that it is akin to an attempted alien communication- it cannot be described or deciphered to a person who has not heard it, at least succinctly.  It must be heard for one’s self to understand it, appreciate it, feel it.  This upcoming Empty Set LP will be no different, if these songs are any indication to this vibe the band has going.  I’m never let down by this group.
-Aunty Social

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