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Friday, November 29, 2013

Wax Moth- Spiracle EP tape review

Wax Moth- Spiracle EP tape review
The cornfields of the Midwest do occasionally churn out some respectable, odd music- who would have thought it could deliver some very raw-sounding crusty d-beat?  Not I- however, it did and it comes to fruition in the form of Wax Moth, from the desolate lands of Iowa.  A shrieked shout is the preferred delivery method for this band’s vocal payload, while the guitars are delivered on nearly the same level, with only small differences in the sounds of the guitar and the bass, and the drums are raw, distant, yet heavy d-beat that pounds hard at both the slowest of breakdowns and the fastest of riffs.  No lyric sheet, but judging by the song titles and the sound of the music, it appears to be a left-wing insect who can only communicate in high-pitched shrieks in an audible spectrum near and surpassing the peak of the human capability.  The songs individually are not great, but as a whole single piece, this is a pretty decent output for an EP.  Packaging is stellar as always from Mannequin Rein minus the lack of a lyric sheet.
-Aunty Social

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