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Friday, November 29, 2013

Bored Youth- Ghost, Scars, and Dreams sampler review

Bored Youth- Ghost, Scars, and Dreams sampler review
This is just two songs off of a whole album, so this is just a small taste of what the whole band has to offer.  First things first:  This was among the first bands in the Detroit area to play juvenile, fast, angry 80s hardcore.  Though not around for very long, the band still left its mark on the scene and was an integral part of the book Why Be Something That You’re Not by Tony Rettman.  After time passed and the members grew up, their tastes changed and they eventually decided to resurrect the band, albeit in a very different way.
This version of the band is in no way similar in any way to the old version of the band other than in members and in name- this sound is better produced and bears not one bit of resemblance to the shitty old punk rock sound the band had before.  Judging it on music alone, it’s sort of radio rock/indie rock style with a retrospective look on one’s life as a punk rocker in their teens; it’s kinda catchy and fun, a band one would expect to see at PJ’s Lager House or the Garden Bowl.  I do object to this being named as the same band from the 80s, but aside from that, it’s good.  Not great, but good.
-Aunty Social

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