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Friday, November 29, 2013

Brought Up- Before My Eyes EP review

Brought Up- Before My Eyes EP review
The epitome of modern hardcore incarnate- mid-tempo beats, simple rhymes and lyrics, and songs consisting primarily of breakdowns and slower breakdowns.  It’s danceable (in a two-step kind of way), slightly catchy, and not especially memorable- for a first EP, I’d say it’s decent, but it lacks a single strong characteristic in its contents.  To me, it truly does sum up how I feel about contemporary hardcore music; for this band, it is merely a product of its environment, so the members are not entirely to blame, but it still screams at the top of its lungs “MEDIOCRITY”.  What this band needs is a bite, an attribute that makes them stand out and stand above other bands- a heavier or differently tuned or played guitar, a crunching bass, a faster or slower (noticeably so) drum beat, and/or a delivery that sticks out for a singer, and perhaps more intriguing words for lyrics.  None of this is bad, but it is boring, balanced, and safe, to an extent.  Experimentation, or at least a faster tempo, is the saving grace this band needs.
-Aunty Social

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