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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Hangdowns- demo tape review

The Hangdowns- demo tape review
Fuzzy, low-fi, slightly snotty melodic punk rock that sounds like the Germs playing Screeching Weasel songs on a four-track tape recorder.  The vocals are not gruff, but rather clear, with that traditionally nascent Midwestern twang to them.  The guitar is distorted as can be, but more in a low EQ sort of way ,where it’s not heavy, and simply drives the songs forward.  The drums are a normal old-school punk rock beat and are somewhat lost in the mix, though they can be heard on the low end.  The bass is more lost in this mix, save for a few parts where it makes an appearance due to a break in beats.  No lyrics included with the tape, but judging by the titles and what I could discern, it is appropriately described with the word fusion, “It’saight”.  The less produced sound the band has is its saving grace, because the overproduced sound is what makes melodic and pop punk horrible most of the time.  Not my kind of jam, but middle of the pack for what it is.
-Aunty Social

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