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Friday, November 29, 2013

Nazi Dust- Wretched Hour 12” review

Nazi Dust- Wretched Hour 12” review
Super noisy, mile-a-minute, grindy hardcore punk, minimalistic in every way, from lyrics to sound to imagery.  It’s simplistic and somehow modern in its craft, despite being loosely based on music that’s thirty to forty years old; it’s got an aura of mysterious guy hardcore and is indeed shrouded in mystery regarding its origins and its plans as an entity.  Youth Attack had a hand in getting this band on the map, and is not unlike the bands that share that roster with them- let that be a preliminary guide to what they sound like.  Still, it is well-harnessed to project energy of sonic and propagandic proportions (lyrics are short, stuttered, and repeated- this is classic propaganda, be it good, bad, or indifferent).  Grab a schizophrenic with anger problems off the street, put him (or her) in front of a microphone, and give him/her a band of kids who like angry and fast sounds, but don’t know much about playing instruments- bam, you’ve got Nazi Dust and their latest offering, this “Wretched Hour” one-sided 12”.
-Aunty Social

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