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Friday, November 29, 2013

Come Out Fighting- Fair Use CD review

Come Out Fighting- Fair Use CD review
A mix of melodic hardcore and almost-naïve youth crew revival a la Gorilla Biscuits, Mindset, Varsity, and a slight tinge of Punkcore-era street punk.  Largely well-produced, it’s very clean-sounding, professional, but has a lot of oomph to the music, mostly in the guitars and vocals, including the gang vocals.  The lyrics, too, have the feel that 90s bands had- slightly political, unapologetically adolescent, mostly mid-tempo or traditional punk rock speed, and the occasional stop for spoken-word pieces from the singer (sort of), one of which stops to talk about, of all things, fucking soccer, or as they prefer to term it, “European football”.  I have a mild appreciation for sports, but that’s one I will happily take a pass on.  Beyond that annoyance, this is alright, like if NYHC was better-produced, leaned to the left politically speaking, and had some melody and more breakdowns.  Would probably have been better served on a 7” with fewer songs, but given that it’s not, it’s worth maybe a listen or two.
-Aunty Social

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