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Friday, November 29, 2013

Crosscheck- Over Analyzed EP review

Crosscheck- Over Analyzed EP review
The Shining intro is a nice touch to the beginning of this EP- an underappreciated film, no doubt; off to a good start.  The lead break in “Held Back” before the breakdown is… interesting- not sure if it fits the tone of the music, but I’ll let it slide because it sounds cool.  The song itself was alright- Lockin’ Out core/new age of hardcore in the vein of Backtrack, Build and Destroy, Agitator, Intent, Rival Mob, and the like.  “Live Through Lies” continues this trend, while “Overlooked” sounds a little more like 90s metalcore a la Earth Crisis, Strife, Earthmover, shit like that- very guitar-driven and heavy.  “Confined”, too, is like this, emphasizing the very slow end of hardcore bordering on doom or classic metal, being mid-tempo and kind of drony.  The title track managed to incorporate some crossover-style riffs while keeping an explicitly new-age hardcore sound- cool, but a departure from conventional nonetheless.  I’m not wowed, but for a new band, this is a decent start.  The crossover stuff is cool, and some of the breakdowns are good; however, I’d like to see the band lean more towards metal than hardcore, because the hardcore end of this EP is dull, thoughtless new age hardcore, but the metal end of this is actually pretty good.  The lyrics could use some more imagination, too, but if the music got reworked, the lyrics can be dull as ever, provided it was worked into newer song with proper flow.  Good first effort- hoping for more next time, though.  Don’t give it up.
-Aunty Social

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