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Friday, November 29, 2013

Bill Bondsmen- Overcrowded Control b/w Untitled 45 review

Bill Bondsmen- Overcrowded Control b/w Untitled 45 review
Dark, ambient, and atmospheric, this 45 is a heavy hitter.  The gruff musings of singer Tony Bevaque ring of the cynical philosophies of those downtrodden by the hope once provided by youthful optimism, never too clear nor too cacophonous in its message or its words.  The guitars make up the rhythm and the ambient sounds, as the band has two guitars, and it couldn’t have worked out better.  “Overcrowded Control”, while still a driving a punk song, is a two-pronged weapon; it is a song and a half, impossible to hear the entirely of what it has to offer in just one listen.  Though the guitarist claims to have somewhat ripped off the intro to this song from Agent Orange’s “Bloodstains”, I don’t see enough of a resemblance to agree.  “Untitled” is sonically similar, but the lyrical content and song structure is very different.  It is also a bit slower and more post punk than its a-side counterpart.  The mix on this record is not so much balanced, but rather appropriate.  Guitars are louder than all else, and the rest is essentially the same level, but slightly different, in a barely noticeable way.  The packaging is unique, and it’s the first time in a while I’ve seen a band put out a 45 with only two songs on it.  If a band can put out material of this quality, they can release all the two song 45s they want.
-Aunty Social

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