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Friday, November 29, 2013

Assault USA- demo tape review

Assault USA- demo tape review
This demo is pure hardcore; no metal, no punk, no screamo, no other influences to speak of.  Given that, it’s very short and simple, and the songs are different in terms of quality, but “Painful” is particularly good- it sounds vaguely evil, but on a relatable level, as opposed to the illusions and nightmares of some lyricists/vocalists.  Packaging is good, though this tape was recorded over something else (I can’t figure out what it is this time) and given what I heard after waiting for maybe five minutes, it’s better that way.  I can’t say I’m impressed, but I will say that it is, above all, simple, as though it didn’t need to be excellent, which it of course doesn’t always have to be.  Sometimes, the most enjoyable things in life are not complicated or require intellectual prowess to appreciate. Sometimes, things are just cool, you like them, and it doesn’t require any more explanation than that.  This demo is one such thing.
-Aunty Social

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