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Friday, November 29, 2013

Peacebreakers- demo tape review

Peacebreakers- demo tape review
Gruff, gritty, raw, white knuckle, blue collar, nose-to-the-grindstone hardcore punk outta Boston, Mass.  It’s only three song and about four minutes long, but it’s the essence of no-frills hardcore punk- not na├»ve, not complicated, not normal, not long, and not afraid to poke fun at itself.  I suppose instead of telling one what it isn’t, it would be more pertinent to say it IS:  It’s hardcore punk rock, the soundtrack to tossing a glass bottle across the room at the back of someone’s head and starting a brawl- a modern-day, American version of Blitz, if one will.  Classic and simple- much recommended, not to mention that my copy was taped over an old INXS tape- not THAT’S punk rock!
-Aunty Social

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