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Friday, November 29, 2013

Professor- Publish or Perish EP review

Professor- Publish or Perish EP review
This is college-core.  Punkademia.  Hardcore with a smartass, sarcastic sense of humor, yet not lacking in the bite of some of the songs, not afraid to make nods to the influences of the band- Descendents, Integrity, Tragedy, Sick of It All, Hüsker Dü, and anarcho punk/crack rock steady.  Even though the music is largely written with a sense of disillusion and discontent, the humor of the lyrics still hits a bit harder, which isn’t always good; however, here it tends to be complimentary rather than detrimental.  Taking away the context and value of the lyrical content, the music is standard Midwest/east coast hardcore with a sense of speed and heaviness to it.  Another band from Toledo waving the flag of TOHC and contributing to their end of the scene- whether they are their own scene or an extension of other ones is a matter of perspective, but this EP definitely stands on its own.  Worth the listen.
-Aunty Social

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