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Friday, April 29, 2011

Burning Image- 1983-1987- review by Scum of Discrumt

Burning Image-"1983-1987"

(Alternative Tentacles)

7 out of 10

Burning Image strolls out of Bakersfield,California. This discography encompasses their entire existence (pre-reunion). This is pure dark death rock. While it is not everyone's cup of tea, I like it. Granted this release is more for lovers of Christian Death,TSOL and Arcana (whom I also enjoy), it is simply just a matter of taste. I will not lie I can not connect with the message in the lyrics here, and I do feel they did the best job on remastering this one either. But, for you cutters out there this is a great one to latch onto for a minute. In some spots it does get really avant garde, which breaks it up nicely. Another rad find.

-The Scum of Discrumt

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