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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Last Supper with Steve Ignorant- show review by Scum of Discrumt


The Steve Ignorant's Last Supper show in Chi-town was both amazing and disastrous (on the promoters end). I thought it was rather odd that my girlfriend and I were going down, and despite our offer to drive people it would seem no one from our general area was down for the trip. It worked out fine with us since we didn't have to take any detours to pick people up and it gave us a chance to just hangout with each other and enjoy each others company on the way down; something that has become somewhat of a rarity as of late.

First up was Jewsus, (Chicago locals) which I thought sounded great. Super experimental, punk-ish versions of polka chaos. To be totally honest, this is, in my opinion what the scene should be doing. As soon as they hit the stage, I literally said "What the fuck, are these guys setting up for?" followed by my somewhat creepy laugh of anticipation. They said each song was about "Loneliness" followed by a promise of "We'll knock your socks off." They used a little bit of everything in their arsenal to give the set a little extra something: a keg, an old bass drum, scraps of metal, coils, trumpets and trombones. All backed by a descent drummer, spazzy guitarist and (what I like to call) a human statue on keyboard to provide the low ends. The entire time they were on stage I was wearing a smile on my face and could not take my eyes off it. As they got off the stage they informed the crowd that they were handing out free cd-r's (wrapped in a pre-me diaper), and that their merch table (which consisted of moth balls,combs,tape,and various other assorted items) was open.

After their set I went for a smoke, despite the fact I had quit. I chatted it up with random people about various bullshit. The crowd itself was a mixture of just about everyone: 15-50 and rich-poor.

Next up was supposed to be some crappy local band, followed by Goldblade. They were no shows. For one reason or another no one felt the need to announce this. But, that is okay because they both suck anyways (trust me I researched this shit).

Steve Ignorant took the stage very early. The crew he has with him for this tour did a great job. No one missed a note, they played at least an hour or so, and maintained a stage presence for the entirety of the set. Every Crass hit you can think of was played and even a few of their b-side tracks. The big surprise for me was Carol the new singer. (I knew that Steve would still be good, since I got a chance to catch the same show in England a year back or so). She fucking killed it. The crowd went nuts with just about every song, yet for the most part were really respectful. After the show, they made themselves available to chat and do snapshots, signatures and what have you. Despite the promoter's short comings it was still an affair to remember. And these two bands represented everything that keeps me involved in the scene today.- The Scum of Discrumt

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