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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To My Love- By the Scum of Discrumt

Scum of Discrumt- Four Submissions

To My Love

Watch her working by the window.
Sweaty palms I clutch the pillow.
Her long black hair clinged to her face.
Gaze upon forget my place.
She glances over send me shiver.
Muscles tense, wide eyed and quiver.
She smiles, a wave, a blush, refrain.
Back to her task. Oh what pain.
She must know for her favor I do lust.
Need work for courage I know I must.
We never met, No introduction.
Our relationship only my minds construction.
In that place we float we dance.
There she goes another glance.
She must have knowledge what this does.
Or at least idea, who I was.
Hands now placed upon her waist.
Sweat protruding from my face.
At our tryst we laugh, we sing.
To this thought I often cling.
Her notice again my way does come.
Advert my eyes night has just begun.
Twilight just passed gave way to night.
Mind is caught in perpetual flight.
I wounder what my love she toiled.
Loves embrace always foiled.
Time to stroll around the block.
Walk to long forgot the clock.
Dash through the door, ascend the stairs.
Give a scream no one cares.
Drapes now closed, lights they're out.
Sit alone, lonely pout.
For long my love I gave you space, your time to work and concentrate.
Oh my dear why? What a twist of fate.

For now I sit in my solitude. And think.
How could this be she broke our link.
Grab the gun.
For the bullet run.
Open my mouth, good bye, I'm done.
Body lay, soon to decay.
Farewell my love,
Fade away.

- The Scum of Discrumt

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