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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Orphans- Raise the Youth review- by Scum of Discrumt

The Orphans-"Raise The Youth"

(Fistolo Records)

5 out of 10

This band here takes me back. This discography cd has all 21 tracks released by these then teenagers from, the suburbs Philadelphia,PA. The most notable thing about this band is this was Erik Petersen's (Mischief Brew) project, long before becoming the king of the east coast folk punk scene. Equal parts skate punk, street rock, and folk-ish riffs. Memories aside, this is not really a must have record. Production quality is pretty rough in some parts, they never really solidify a solid sound, and the passable record tracks are not really all that catchy. It is worth a listen and, hell if you find it in the discount bin, you would not feel ripped off. -The Scum of Discrumt

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