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Friday, April 29, 2011

Note for Readers

A Note To The Reader

I am new to the area and I have been involved in the scene in some way shape or form for about 15 years. I write reviews for a few different zines, play in a band ( Discrumt) and have been a promoter,roadie/driver, stage hand etc, in that time. If you would like me to review your stuff I would be more then glad to do so. However, as you can see I am not always kind with my words and some reviews are simply just longer than others. I am a fan of, but not limited to Punk,Anarcho, Death Rock, D Beat, Experimental, and GOOD Grindcore. I will review everything sent to me, in the order it was received and in accordance with everyone's press schedule.

Send review materials to

The Scum of Discrumt
202 College PL#1

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