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Friday, April 29, 2011

Burnt Cross/ AUK- The Earth Dies Screaming split- review by Scum of Discrumt

Burnt Cross/A.U.K.- "The Earth Dies Screaming" (split)

(Tadpole Records,Active Rebellion,Rusty Knife Records,Pumpkin Records,Crazy Peace Records, Sound For A Pound Records)

6 out of 10

This has to be one of the most backed releases I have seen in a while. Count them up six record labels backed this one. It is nice to see there is still unity in the scene, to make sure that these records/cds/tapes/mp3 (for all you ipod toting hipsters) get into your grubby mitts. Burnt Cross kicks off the first 1/2 of the split with ten tracks of pure anarcho and rarely deviate from it. Burnt Cross comes from Brighton,UK. This two piece is two brothers that record on a little home system. Despite their lack of facilities, they maintain a pretty clean recording. The only short coming I can remark on is the lack of a human drummer. While mechanical drum machines have come a long way, I just think there is nothing like an acoustic drum sound. And in the realm of anarcho it is kind of a staple. However, regardless of this they still write rather captivating tunes, inborn with lyrics about various political ideals and causes. In my opinion rather well thought out and written. In short, great lyrics and catchy tunes that will keep you bobbing your head. One can just hope they find a cousin or something to throw behind a real trap set.

A.U.K. follows up with their nine tracks. A.U.K. arise from Fife,Scotland,UK. They are another two piece with similar ideals and political ideas as Burnt Cross. And they also use mechanical drums. However, they bring something entirely different to the table. There sound is a mixture of early metal, dark anarcho, and a hint of post punk. While the drum machine is programed well I still think it could be vastly improved with a live drummer. Production is passable. The songs have good hooks in them. While the lyrics were okay I think they could have done a little more with them. To me it just come off as rather dry. And for the most part it is preaching to the choir.

The album looks great, but is for the anarcho listeners only. I could not see anyone outside of that being moved by it.-The Scum of Discrumt


  1. i think A.U.K is the best band out there!!!

  2. A.U.K has great lyrics. the singing is spectacualar, and the guitarist is awesome! also, mechanical or not, the drums keep the beat and that is what every song needs.

  3. Burnt Cross is cool, but A.U.K is also great. they both give listeners an insight to the real world. keep on rockin, guys! u R AWESOME!!!

  4. I see this is coming out on vinyl shortly and would be a good add to any collection. Both bands speak about how they feel and others feel. As for preaching to the choir, If people stop preaching or at least stating their views. The choir stops and we all end up worse off. Good on Burnt Cross and AUK for keeping our thoughts alive and preaching to a whole new generation !