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Monday, June 25, 2012

American Violence- False Idols EP review

American Violence- False Idols EP review
Man, I can’t decide if this is metal or hardcore- it has the hardcore breakdowns and the sort of bulldog-like frontman, but the guitars are straight metal.  This is a heavy little album here- all the parts of the music contribute to this, and it is well-mixed.  In their sound, you can hear traces of early 90s metalcore, a little Pantera, and a bit of Rage Against the Machine.  This combination makes either headbanging or hardcore dancing suitable- very nice.  Although I have not read the lyrics, the sound of the album would indicate a Columbine kid-esque style of lyrics- not happy music at all.  Even unhappy people may not truly get this EP, but they’ll at least enjoy it.  Don’t ever speed this album up- it’s a sledgehammer, not a pair of nun chucks.  Heavy fucking metal indeed.
-Aunty Social

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