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Monday, June 25, 2012

Balaclava- Crimes of Faith LP review

Balaclava- Crimes of Faith LP review
This album is nowhere near what I thought it would be when I first picked it up- for some reason, I thought it would be along the lines of fast hardcore anarcho punk or a crustier version of Hirax.  Most definitely not so- Balaclava, who is from Richmond, Virginia, is a different kind of band, one much more along the lines of His Hero is Gone and what would amount to crust-influenced doom metal.
Crimes of Faith is an epic, seven song destroyer of an LP that focuses more on the crushing heaviness than anything else.  At least half of every song is instrumental and slowly chugs along, each note another punishing blow to the ears (in a positive way), further driving intoxicating negativity into one’s brain.  The other half (or less) of the songs is reminiscent of hardcore in the vein of heavier acts like Tragedy, Bullshit Tradition, and a sped-up version of Axegrinder.  There is just as much guitar work as there is bass and drum work in the instrumental portions, each one taking turns as the lead instrument while the others serve as rhythm instruments.  A very menacing beast this is; this record rules.
Toss away any preconceived ideas of what this album sounds like- chances are, they’re wrong.  Balaclava is an omnipresent insurgency that will crush you to dust with their riffs and beat you to death with their punishing beats!
-Aunty Social

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