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Monday, June 25, 2012

Final Assault- ...Yllatyshyokkays 7" review

Final Assault- …Yllatyshyokkays 7” review
Though somewhat similar to their first 7”, the lyrical theme is very different, and this one is more fitted to traditional D-beat stuff (war is at the center of all things D-beat, don’t deny it).  The singer’s voice reigns over top of the music, a laughing face over the top of a dying humanity, even though the narration is very much sided with the oppressed people.  Also, there is little to no reverb in the vocals, making the sound that much more raw punk, rather than traditional D-beat.  The bass is an essential tenet of the F.A. sound, which is interesting for punk- it suits the vibe of the music well, though.  Guitar is pretty standard, though it does break into a lead in the middle of “Battlefield of Death”- another odd addition that benefits the sound (the lead is nice and short, unlike these cock rock, self-absorbed, atrociously dull leads).  The first three tracks are all originals, and the fourth is a cover of “Wartorn” by Social Outcast, the singer’s first band from the early-mid 90s.  The band still manages to put their own spin on it- it’s not really a cover, but a reinterpretation.  The dual vocals of the original song were a bit stronger, but Final Assault has but one singer- good enough for me.  One of the better D-beat influenced groups of recent years- these guys were doing this before the trend of formulaic crap D-beat came upon us, so they are not a part of this particular generic movement, which makes them seem that much more genuine.  I can’t wait for more!
-Aunty Social

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