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Monday, June 25, 2012

Discourse- demo 2011 CS review

Discourse- demo 2011 CS review
This is 90s hardcore-style youth crew, tuned down a step or so.  Wait, what?  Tuned DOWN?  Now that’s strange for me to hear.  I’ve taken to calling this style “blackened youth crew”, although there is something astutely wrong with that phrase.  With more slow parts than fast, this isn’t your older brother’s youth crew.  The screams overhead are the prose of the singer, and it’s safe to say that it’s very well-worded.  The guitars were tuned down, and crush like a doom metal album on 45.  Bass and drums are mostly just an accompanying sound for the guitar and vocals, but they too have an interesting tinge to their sound.  A band being good at sounding this diverse and not sacrificing the songs for a unique sound deserves acknowledgement.  Also, the singer and bassist are on the cover of Issue #8 of my ‘zine.  Give these dudes an eye and an ear, figuratively speaking.
-Aunty Social

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