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Monday, June 25, 2012

Suppressulant- Revenge of the Bugs CD review

Suppressulant- Revenge of the Bugs CD review
Already, I can say that this is an improvement over the EP- the volume sounds balanced, and the songs sound tighter.  One thing that still holds true, however, is the adherence to the “Powercore” genre- the mix between blasting powerviolence and traditional hardcore.  Sometimes this sound works, sometimes not.  Personally, it sounds more developed with the drums than the guitar or bass.  Regardless, it’s a different sound, one that might take some getting used to.  The vocals are a blend of Germs-esque snottiness and guttural 90s HC brutality, creating a very raspy, spitting projection.  The guitars could be a bit more powerful, but it’s power chord punk rock- nothing exemplary, but it’s worked for almost every other band, so why not here?  The bass has more presence than usual, adding a necessary bounciness to the sound, which levels it out.  The drums are stop-go-stop-go-stop-go-go-go-stop, mostly.  It has moments of steady rhythm, but mostly it is “sprinting” (i.e. going as fast as possible with no reprieve).  Not a phenomenal release, but this is some decent hardcore from just across the Detroit river.  I’ve also been told that this band is ten times better live- may be a factor worth considering in checking out this band.
-Aunty Social

(post script- they opened for Poison Planet and Sectarian Violence on June 10th in Detroit- they indeed are ten times better live- very much worth checking out).

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  1. Hey, I was wondering if this cd ever actually came out, been looking for it for a couple years ?