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Monday, June 25, 2012

Truncheons- demo CS review

Truncheons- demo tape review
This is the new incarnation of After the Bombs with a bit of a sound change-up and a few member switches as well.  Still residing in Montreal and blasting punk rock, the band’s sound has definitely changed from the looming, heavy, crushing crust that A.T.B. had- the reverbed vocals have stayed, though, as both bands share the same singer.  Rather than focusing on the melodies and progression of sound, now the band is a group focused on having a fuzzy background sound; the vocals and the music are seemingly separated from one another but still paired.  However, this is a demo with decent replay value- it is indeed a demo through and through, and the upcoming 7” should be a step up.  A punk album with a closer lean to noisecore than to crust, it’s worth the couple bucks.
-Aunty Social

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