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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dresden- Extinguish the Cross 7" review

Dresden- Extinguish the Cross 7” review
This record is a certified ripper of a single- so much energy mixed in with the epicness of crust churns out an unstoppable mix of great music.  “Extinguish the Cross” has a decent intro that builds up lots of energy and unleashed it in a very quick burst of anger and rage that comes from singer Eric “Bitty” Hammers in a raspy, rigid howl.  Proving that even crust is subject to breakdowns, Dresden comes in and puts a killer breakdown right in the middle of the song, still finishing it with raspy fury.  “Shallow Grave”, though similar in style, packs a much stronger punch.  The chorus is what does it; the back-up singer has a haunting bark that is a great companion to Bitty’s shrill howl.  Though it sucks that there were but two songs on this record, these are two punishing crust tunes that nobody should pass up.
-Aunty Social

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