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Monday, June 25, 2012

Congenital Death- demo CS review

Congenital Death- demo CS review
This band has perfectly encased a vocal style that I adore- a shrieking, fast-paced, hoarse female voice that I will now call the “shrieking bitch” vocal style.  Not meant as an insult, it’s actually one of my favorite vocal styles when it’s done right.  So, I definitely dig the vocals- what about the music?  It’s somewhere between 80s hardcore and powerviolence, kind of like Knee Deep in Shit, U.D.I., and maybe Coke Bust or Citizen’s Arrest.  Not the newest style, but this is everything you could want from a band playing punk/ hardcore.  Fine jogging music for the hardcore runner in all of us- a fine demo indeed.  I want more.
-Aunty Social

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