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Monday, June 25, 2012

Gasmask Terror- self titled LP review

Gasmask Terror- self-titled LP review
Obviously, I’m just a bit late to this LP (seeing as how it came out in 2007), but it’s so fucking good that it warrants a review.  I don’t think I could rightfully call this D-beat, but it certainly is influenced by it.  Never without its heaviness or speed, this LP doesn’t have a single mediocre song on it- they’re all at least good.  The three most notable of these are “Life Fucker”, “Wash Off the Bloodstains”, and “Traditions Must Die”- these are just as anthemic, powerful, and energetic as anything Discharge ever did.  Speaking of the latter band, the songs here have a striking simplicity to them, both lyrically and musically, that makes them that much more memorable and exciting.  Even though the riffs are three to four chord licks, they’re as tough as a fist to the face, and the voice heard atop these riffs is a raspy, growling hiss that isn’t easily duplicated.  The production on the album is very strong, giving a real oomph to the songs- no half-assing found here.  Everything is mixed just right, and I don’t know what could possibly make this sound much better- this album is a modern classic.  Will be found jumping off of moderately high objects and angrily moshing whenever this is played.
-Aunty Social

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