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Monday, June 25, 2012

Wilt- Your Will Has Been Broken review

Wilt- Your Will Has Been Broken review
Rising from the ashes of Asymmetric Warfare, Wilt is a similarly styled crust band incorporating elements of metalcore, grindcore, and Tragi-core (that is, the melodic D-beat popularized by Tragedy).  Still keeping the personal/ political teeth of the lyrics, the band seems to have retained a core sound (haha, get it?  Core?) akin to A//W, and only changed members and wrote brand new songs, which I like better.  Vocals are hoarse, sub-guttural styled singing, occasionally switching to a higher-pitched growl; guitars are melodic crust with a heavy metallic edge; the drums are pummeling, heavy, and vary in beat from mid-tempo to an almost DRI-like speed (first album, not the metal ones); the bass compliments the guitars very well on the low end, an interesting turn for punk rock bass.  Though one might at first think, “Oh god, another death metal band with cookie monster vocals,” or “Shit, another Tragedy worship band”, think again.  It has definitely worked from the Tragedy blueprint, but adds a few things to make the music more unique and worth the time.  Time for an EP with a professional mixer- these guys have the songs right here, but better sound quality might arise from an experienced engineer.  Anyone who likes crust will probably like this- I can dig it.
-Aunty Social

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