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Monday, June 25, 2012

Cubone's Brigade- Train & Destroy EP review

Cubone’s Brigade- Train & Destroy EP review
Poke-core?  I never thought this would see the day.  For the single reason that this is Pokemon-infused youth crew-styled hardcore punk, you should immediately check this out.  However, if that is unsuitable, it can be summed up in greater detail.  This is good old youth crew, fast/ slow parts and poetic vocalists intact, and the lyrics are all about Pokemon-based stuff.  To be honest, you were either a Pokemon kid or you weren’t.  If you were, and you happen to like punk/ hardcore as well, then you will adore this.  If not, then you might view this with some skepticism.  However, much of my childhood is rooted in this little universe (With a pen, paper, and some time, I could probably name all 150 originals), so I loved it.  You should too.
-Aunty Social

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