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Monday, June 25, 2012

Fight It Out- Depression 7" review

Fight It Out- Depression 7” review
This is 90s hardcore done right- songs about being depressed, alone, isolated, and hopeless are what hardcore should be about.  It’s a place for unity, but to unite all the fuck-ups in a socially hospitable environment, to escape from the hell that is normal life and have fun for long enough to forget about one’s problems, or at least make them bearable.  That’s what hardcore has always meant to me, and that’s what Fight It Out is about, too.  The guitars alternate between speedy punk parts and dark, sludgy slow parts that (make your skin) crawl.  The drums and bass match the guitars’ high end sound with a low end sound, and creates that early 90s hardcore feel.  The vocals are a mix of the dancing, pit bull-like varsity dude and the tormented, screaming freak who might remind you of a schizophrenic off his meds and on the streets, telling you about his latest vision.  I generally don’t get too hot for hardcore like this, but this is one example of the right way to play 90s-style hardcore.  I can definitely two-step to this.
-Aunty Social

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