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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apache- Speak of the Devil demo review

Apache- Speak of the Devil demo review
This is dark 90s hardcore with tempo changes from slow to thrashcore to mid-tempo paced, and vocals that screech and bark equal parts.  Think traditional groovy, breakdown hardcore tuned down a step, with a demonic vocalist, and a bit of thrashy punk to round out verses of the songs.  The vocals are demonic, screeching, whatever that may concoct; the guitars and bass almost have that funky nu-metal sound to them, but it actually sounds good here.  The drums are the big attraction, with some nice beats brought out by this crucial dude from Pontiac (all the band is from there, to my knowledge).  It’s a demo, one worth the six minutes required for listening.  I’d like to see more.
-Aunty Social

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