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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sectarian Violence- Conflict of Interest demo tape review

Sectarian Violence- Conflict of Interest demo tape review
Sectarian Violence is the international, newer, slightly more political version of Coke Bust.  I won’t even complain about the sounds being similar; it’s fast when needs to be fast and mid-tempo when it needs a slower paced beat.  Singer Nick Tape is a venomous rapid fire voice-box with a lot to say- he makes the band what it is, so to speak (though the other four members are undoubtedly important parts as well- they work in the background while Nick is the face of the band).  The two-guitar approach is a noticeable change that separates SxV and Coke Bust, who only has one guitar.  Though this distinction is not as easy to hear on this tape, it’s very apparent live.  No song really stands out above another, but none need to- it’s fastcore fury with a bit of youth crew, shown in the breakdowns.  This tape is more raw than the 7”, but that’s to their benefit, and it’s to be expected.  For anyone who likes fast music or Straight Ahead and the hundred bands who’ve ripped them off (Sectarian Violence is not one of them).  I prefer this on tape, since it can repeatedly loop, and it does so often, since it’s short of seven minutes long.  Killer.
-Aunty Social

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