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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sawchuk- Blackened Minds, Blackened Hearts EP review

Sawchuk- Blackened Minds, Blackened Hearts EP review
This EP is a good example of what modern hardcore is about, in both good and bad ways.  It’s good in that the lyrics are not cookie-cutter and don’t necessarily rhyme- this is big in writing poetry, but lyrics usually have rhythm that forces rhymes.  Here, that is not so.  Also, the guitars are heavier than most punk.  Here’s where the only real negative part comes in:  There are hardly any fast parts to this EP.  The band’s last 7” had a balanced amount of fast and slow parts, as they complimented one another.  This new sound is a big change from that.  The only fast parts are in the beginning of “Hate and Destroy” and “Tormented”, and that makes it feel as though the song is dreary and sludgy- good for breakdowns and outros, but not for the beginning and verses.  That’s the only missing part of the music here.  Still stellar, but speeding this music up even by as little as 10% would bring more energy to the sound (I tested this out, and it’s true).  Good for skulking around the pit, waiting to whirlwind dance.  I like it okay, but I need more fastness.
-Aunty Social

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