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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Down Down Down/ DGR/DWN split tape review

Down Down Down/ DGR/DWN- split tape review
This is some oddly charming melodic hardcore laced with something in between pop punk and plain old punk rock.  Down Down Down sounds a lot like Frank White if that band had ever gotten serious (note- this is likely because there are two members out of three who used to be in said band).  The passionately angry yet melodic vocals, catchy and memorable choruses, and an underlying sound not far off from Bad Religion, all are parallels from Frank White and Down Down Down.  Whether the newer of the band will be as inspiring and well-known as the older one was remains to be seen, but they are certainly on the right musical and social path.  DGR/DWN (pronounced Dagger Down) has a mix of melodic punk and emotional hardcore that, while brand new to me, is a new-ish trend following bands like fordirelikesake and others like them.  Though not particularly my cupt of tea, I found myself digging these two tracks- catchy, simple, and raspy vocals are hard to go wrong on.  Overall a very enjoyable, fitting split for these two bands- they’ve successfully caught my attention for now.
-Aunty Social

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