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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Citizen's Arrest- Soaked in Others' Blood 7" review

Citizen’s Arrest- Soaked in Others’ Blood 7” review
Once in a great while, there is a band who reunites who has either kept the same energy they had in previous years, or has gone above and beyond from that- Citizen’s Arrest is an example of the latter, and this EP is proof.  The sheer fucking intensity of these four songs is something I have not heard for a long time (save for Hoax, but I discovered both bands around the same time).  The drums, though not particularly fast, are absolutely crushing, and the vocals from Daryl Kahan are ferocious, guttural growls and punky shouts alike.  The guitars and bass are well balanced in sound, highs and lows both equally powerful.  Sound-wise, this is still a similar sort of NYHC meets 80s hardcore sound, but it’s very hard to pin down exactly who or what this band sounds like.  They, to an extent, have a unique sound in that regard.  Punk, hardcore, crusty metalcore, call it whatever- it’s heavy, it’s pissed, it’s fucking good, it’s Citizen’s Arrest.
-Aunty Social

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