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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Outlook- Our Time Is Now LP review

Outlook- Our Time is Now LP review
It’s very apparent that this is a youth crew record from the start, but without the varsity font logos and weight lifting bro/jock members.  This traditional youth crew sound is mixed with a bit of melodic hardcore to make for an energetic yet passionate sort of sound.  Reading the lyrics, they too are atypical of the subgenre- it’s fitting to say that this is youth crew that is anti-youth crew.  It’s definitely out of step without being too out of line to be interesting- it’s comparable to the rest of their material, but it sounds as though it’s been remixed and everything given a bit of extra oomph.  The guitar is strong, almost too much so; sometimes it overwhelms the vocals and makes them harder to hear.  The drums have the exact same issue- strong and overly so.  The bass could use a small increase in volume, but otherwise sounds good.  The vocals… I love the righteous outrage singer Adrienne has, and she could not have done much better than this.  In fact, I wish I could hear her voice better.  That’s the only negative thing about this album- the sound needs more strength to give to the singer, and balance out the rest of it.  Beyond that, fucking solid as can be.  Get this album ASAP, youth crew lovers.  You might stop loving Ray Cappo and start loving Adrienne instead.  Regular punkers, this is worth checking out, no doubt.  Post-review note:  For some reason, I can hear a little Direct Control in this sound too- strange yet pleasurable.
-Aunty Social

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