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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oiltanker/ No Tomorrow split LP review

Oiltanker/ No Tomorrow split LP review
A pairing of two East Coast crust bands by means of Profane Existence, this definitely sounded like an exciting release when I first got word of it.  Oiltanker has a pretty killer sound mixing crust and hardcore, while No Tomorrow is mostly crust-laden D-beat- what more can a crusty ask for?  The two previous releases Oiltanker has are exemplary (the Crusades 7” and the Shadow of Greed LP) and No Tomorrow’s demo tape was heavy and epic in its own right.  This was a record designed for success.
The Oiltanker side is a continuation of that crust-core sound-rolling drum beat, equal sounding guitars and bass, and raspy hardcore shouts.  It isn’t innovative or progressive, but it kept my attention for the duration.  All the songs were pretty good- worth streaming/ downloading, at least.  If you like heavy crust or have been a fan of Oiltanker before, you won’t be disappointed.  No Tomorrow’s side is a mix of Discharge, Tragedy, and I can even hear a slight Agnostic Front influence (Victim in Pain/ Cause for Alarm era).  I do want to like this- I really do.  However, the bass sound is almost overwhelming, and the guitar is hard to hear, given that the band seems to do the “wall of sound” style (that being guitars tuned down, bass amped up, and drums in a mid-tempo sort of beat).  Some like that sound, but I like to hear the guitars as a separate part of the music (to the band’s credit, they do have a couple break-off points where they have a separate guitar track that’s much more distinct).  Also, the mid-tempo beat of this throughout can get dreary after a while.  Not “bad” per se, but I didn’t get overly excited.
Overall, a decent split, with Oiltanker being the better side.  I’d say stream this first, and it’s likely a case of “genre music for genre people”.  I like the mixing job on the this record, too; props to the audio engineer.
-Aunty Social

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