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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Traitor- Shadowheart EP review

Traitor- Shadowheart EP review
This is a very unique mix of sub-genres that makes for a new, fresh sound.  Upon clicking the first song on (called “Heart of Gnarled Roots”), all I can think is, “Holy shit”, because it’s got a pterodactyl- like screech vocal at first, then is alternated by a higher-pitched hardcore vocal, and it’s odd to be engulfed in such a mix.  In the background, blackened crossover hardcore (blackened thrash meets hardcore meets metalcore) rages at full speed, blistering away with ferocious fury.  This is about the first half of the song- following this, the tempo slows down, showing the slower 90s-style hardcore influence, as singer Nick Holland drops the higher pitched vocals for a more clean and direct singing style, which is what he uses for the rest of the song.
It’s a lot to take in for a first song, but it’s undoubtedly their best one, on here and in other releases.  “Lanterns” kicks in with a menacing, speedy, thrashy intro that fucking rips, and moves into additional gnarly blackened crossover hardcore with pterodactyl vocals.  However, this song is different in that it shows much more metalcore influence, minus the parts where the drums are shooting off like a machine gun.  It seems to be similar in terms of lyrical theme to the previous song, and this one, too, is well-penned.  “Sunlight’s Bane” is more of a hardcore song, being very direct and concise, clocking in at around 90 seconds, and it still retains that indescribable intensity that seems to permeate the band.
“Starless” is a return to the eclectic mix of influences, and is a heavier, slower tune.  The best part of this song (and a very quotable lyric in and of itself) is the line “The sparrows carry me by the threads of my burial gown, for you abandoned me… FOR YOU ABANDONED ME!”  It’s extremely intense, and is followed by a fucking killer breakdown that sounds like something windmill kids would go off for (in a very good way; I, too, would go off for a breakdown this heavy and intense).  “I Curse Those Who Ail Me” is a piano-driven song, with spoken words narrated over the top.  Though I can’t say I know the lyrical theme here, the music is melodramatic and has a bittersweet feel to it- a very steep change, but one fitting the overall style of the EP very well.
This band is many things, talented and awesome not the least among them.  These dudes rule, and so does this EP.  Grab it when it comes out- you’ll regret it if you don’t.
-Aunty Social

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