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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Negative Degree- demo CS review

Negative Degree- demo CS review
This band has former members of Guns N’ Rosa Parks, and that similar influence shows through here.  It’s raw, garage-y 80s hardcore that sounds like it was produced in a basement in exchange for a 24-pack of Coors.  It shouldn’t sound any other way, especially with bare bones hardcore like this.  Lyrical topics are a bit diverse, covering hatred of work, hatred of one’s hometown, hatred of the service industry… there’s a legitimate pattern here.  A return to the absolute hardcore basics, indeed.  The guitar sounds a little different, like the amp was barely using any distortion at all- very strange.  This is a solid demo from a solid band, to be certain.  The tapes aren’t easy to find anymore, but the 7” with the same songs is.  Grab one.
-Aunty Social

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